Starting at a price of $85

It is the easiest, most cost effective way to add fire alarm monitoring.

• Monitors any existing UL smoke detector
• Up to 20% savings on homeowners insurance
• Low battery warning
• 5-year battery life

Wireless fire sensor on florida ceiling

Monitors Existing Detectors

Wirelessly monitor all your hardwired linked UL smoke detectors with one sensor fire.
installing a wireless fire sensor in florida

Easy to Install

Mount within 6 inches with the small holes facing your smoke detector sounder.
Changing a battery for wireless fire sensor alarm for sale in Florida

CR123A Lithium Battery

When your sensor battery gets low, you will be alerted on your panel. Remove 2 screws to open.

SAVE $15/month

Get a quote on the cost of a custom

home security system before this sale ends!

Cellular monitoring plan now only $34.99/month

Product Overview

Our wireless fire sensor is the easiest, most cost effective way to add fire alarm monitoring to your Uxari security system. Unique technology monitors your existing UL smoke detectors within your home. When an alarm is detected, a wireless signal is sent to the Uxari control panel which in turn contacts the central monitoring station.

With interconnected hardwired smoke detectors found in most homes today, only one wireless fire sensor is needed to monitor ALL the UL smoke detectors within the home.

Check with your insurance company for an up to 20% discount on your homeowners insurance.

Receive text alerts on your phone when your wireless sensor fire detects an alarm condition.

Uxari wireless service agreement required.