Extend the range of your wi-fi network to minimize dead zones.

• Expand your wi-fi network
• Dual band
• Works with any router
• Push button setup
• Intelligent signal indicator

Wi-Fi extender for sale in Florida can be moved to any outlet.

Flexible Placement

Allows movement of the range extender to any outlet after initial setup.
Wi-Fi range extender for sale in Florida

Easy to Install

Plug into a power outlet, press one button on your router and one on your extender, your done.
Wi-Fi entertainment adapter for sale in Florida

Entertainment Adapter

Act as a wireless adapter to connect wired devices to your wireless network.

SAVE $15/month

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Product Overview

What is a network extender? Our wi-fi network extender uses powerful wireless AC technology to strengthen your router’s wi-fi, boosting its signal into parts of your home it can’t reach on its own. Now, you can enjoy fast, strong connections in rooms that previously suffered from wi-fi dead spots.

The wireless range booster also acts as a wireless bridge through its ethernet port, making it possible to connect a wired device, such as an Xbox®, PlayStation®, PC, Mac, smart TV, or Blu-ray player, to your Wi-Fi. Plus, its color-changing intelligent signal indicator light makes setup a breeze. The light indicates wi-fi strength in an area, helping you quickly find the perfect spot for setup.

Easy setup and flexible placement allows movement of the range signal extender to any outlet after initial setup. The perfect wireless booster device to keep you connected and even works well with our wireless outdoor security cameras, and wireless motion detectors.

Uxari home security systems wireless service agreement required.