Adapts to your routines so you can
stay put and let comfort come to you.

• Control from anywhere
• Automated schedules
• Remote text notifications
• Create rules
• Knows when you’re coming or going

Checking smart thermostat through wireless


Easily adjust the temperature by creating preferences for home, away, sleep, and vacation.
Automatic smart thermostat setting while driving


We set your thermostat to automatically adjust when you’re 1 mile from home.
changing smart thermostat batteries in Florida

Four AA Batteries

When your thermostat battery gets low, you will be alerted on your phone.

SAVE $15/month

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Cellular monitoring plan now only $34.99/month

Product Overview

Our smart thermostat by® represents the next generation of connected devices. The smart home automation thermostat offers remote access and control, custom schedules, location-based automation, instant alerts and responsive savings.

Intelligently integrated with one of our control panels, the smart thermostat can respond to inputs from devices throughout the home to provide more accurate temperature adjustments and a complete home automation experience.

Our home automation thermostat is built specifically for the smart home. It’s integrated fully into our smartphone app, letting you control your temperature alongside your security panel, lights, locks, garage door and more.

Uxari wireless service agreement required.