Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old Security System?

Home security systems back in the 1990s and early 2000s were a huge improvement over systems installed in previous decades. New technology gave homeowners more options for protecting themselves against burglary and property crimes. But that was then. The technology we have today is a lot more advanced in comparison to older security systems so it would be a good time to seriously consider making a change. The only question is whether to upgrade or completely replace.

When we mention upgrading, we are talking about keeping the core of a system intact and swapping out some of the older devices with newer technology. So a homeowner with a hardwired home security system would continue under that model. The system would still rely on central power, though backup batteries would certainly be part of the upgrade, and outside communication would still be maintained via telephone landline or broadband Internet.

Replacement may mean an entirely new hardwired system, but it could also mean opting for a wireless home security system. A DIY system would certainly be at the top of the list in terms of competitive pricing and options. And yes, DIY wireless alarm monitoring is also an option for consumers who want it.

What Does Your System Offer?

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, it might be a good time to raise a question: what does your current system offer? If you have only basic burglary alarm and smoke detector monitoring, you are at the lowest end of the scale. Both of those functions are absolutely critical for effective home security system, but there is so much more available today.

For example, modern home security can also include monitoring for carbon monoxide, flood, and even medical emergencies. Homeowners can even throw in home automation features that make it possible to make better use of thermostats, lighting, landscaping elements, appliances, and so much more. Tying it all together is the ability to access and manipulate your system from anywhere in the world with a mobile device and an Internet connection.

What Do You Want?

What your system offers as compared to what you want will influence whether you upgrade or replace. Assuming that your older system is a basic burglary and fire system, would it be cost-effective for you to upgrade what you have by adding home automation to it? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on how much your service provider would charge to wire your whole house with the desired home automation features.

In all likelihood, adding home automation to a wired alarm system may not be cost-effective. You might be better off replacing your current equipment with a completely wireless system that incorporates everything you are looking for into a single package. And because it’s wireless, no additional wiring or home construction is needed. That’s the primary benefit of replacement over upgrading.

Of course, if you already have a wireless system in your home, you may only need to upgrade some older devices. This is something Uxari excels in. Our One plan includes annual device upgrades that ensure you always have the latest devices for both security and home automation. Furthermore, all of our devices are designed to work seamlessly within our systems right out of the box. Our customers don’t have to battle with devices to get them to work together.

Do you already have a home security system in place? If so, is it old enough that you need to consider upgrading or replacement? Contact us at Uxari and give us the opportunity to explain why one of our DIY security and home automation systems is the right choice for you.

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