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Adapts to your routines so you can stay put and let comfort come to you.

Florida man adjusting temperature using a smart phone


Easily adjust the temperature by creating preferences for home, away, sleep, and vacation.
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We set your thermostat to automatically adjust when you’re 1 mile from home.
man in Florida looking at temperature on a smart device

Mobile Control

Access your thermostat from anywhere on any smart device.




Lock and unlock your doors from the next room or the next state.

woman unlocking smart lock in Florida

Completely Secure

Secure technology protects against unauthorized entry.
deliveryman handing packages to Florida homeowner

Text Alerts

Receive texts when anyone opens or closes your door.
locking your Florida house door with a phone app

Mobile Access

Lock and unlock your door with the Uxari app.




Never wonder if you left the garage door open again.

man opening Florida garage door with a phone app

Mobile Access

Open and close your garage door with the Uxari app.
Florida man looking at smart phone text about garage door status

Text Alerts

Get a reminder if your garage door has been left open.
Closed garage doors on a Florida home

Completely Secure

Secure technology protects against unauthorized entry.




Control your lights via the Uxari app or Pico remote.

In-wall dimmer for sale in Florida

In-Wall Dimmer

Replaces any standard switch with existing wiring.
hand holding a Florida remote control for his lights

Pico Remote Control

Turn on, off, dim, or brighten lights with the touch of a button.
Smart bridge pro for sale in Florida

Smart Bridge Pro

Connects in-wall dimmers and plug-in lamp dimmers to the app.




Control locks, lights, thermostats, and more with the sound of your voice.

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Control Your Home

Switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, or dim the lights from the couch.
Amazon Dot next to a set of keys

Voice Recognition

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice.
Amazon Echo on a table next to a plant in Florida

Always Getting Smarter

The more you use Echo, the more it adapts to your speech patterns.
TV Jack (high & low)


TV JACK (high & low)

Mount your TV 60″ above the floor and connect it directly to your home network and cable box down by the floor (without exposing any of the wiring). Electrical not included (high).

TV jack high and low

High & Low System

Connect your television up on the wall, while plugging into the network down low.
TV jack mount TV no cords

Mount TV No Cords

TV can be mounted to up to 60" on the wall without exposing any electrical wiring.
tv jack connect to network

Connect To Network

Connect directly to your home network and cable box with ease.
Home Network WAP


Home Network WAP

A wireless access point (WAP) allows you to stay connected to your smart devices.

Home Network WAP

Home Network WAP

Stay connected throughout your whole house.
Connect to home network

Connect To Network

With our WAP and switch system easily connect to your home network.
network set up

Includes Set Up

When you purchase a WAP one of our qualified technicians will help you with set up to your home network.

And for more great home automation items such as motorized blinds and shades for your window, voice-controlled lighting, and wireless sound systems in Florida, see our affiliate company Elxai Home. Or for outdoor exterior and pathway lighting, there’s Uplight Pro Landscape Lighting.

Client Reviews

“Excellent service, Juan and Eddie are two knowledgeable and professional guys! Helped with all of the smart home features and with mounting a tv! Definitely recommend this company from the customer service to the technicians on site all around great!”

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Zach Wilkerson

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