Enhance Your Security with a Smart Doorbell

wireless doorbell safety infographicBy now, you have probably seen the commercials advertising video doorbells that you can install to help prevent burglaries. The good news is that here at Uxari we carry these devices along with numerous other pieces you can choose from to build a customized security system for your home. Having said that, a question frequently heard from security customers is whether a wireless video doorbell really makes things any safer. In a word, yes.

At first glance, it may seem like adding a security camera to a doorbell is just a way for equipment companies to sell more products. But it’s not. When you step back and take the time to learn how burglars go about their business, a doorbell camera is actually quite ingenious.

If a burglar has surveyed a home for a few days he or she knows when no one is home and when packages are left unprotected. Stealing those packages becomes an easy mission for him or her.

A smart video doorbell is designed to deter criminals from trying to enter your home. This is an vital point that needs to be understood when you set your expectations of a video doorbell.

Burglars Are Careful Criminals

TV and movies often portray burglars using one of two extremes. They are portrayed as either highly scheming criminals that case neighborhoods for weeks or months before selecting their victims, or they are portrayed as bumbling fools whose hapless attempts at crime easily land them in jail. Neither portrayal is accurate.

Burglars are known to either ring the doorbell or knock on the front door prior to making an entry. Why do this? Because the majority of burglaries occur during the daylight hours – when parents are at work and children are at school. A burglar will ring or knock just to be sure no one is truly home.

At this point, you should already be able to see the benefit of a smart doorbell. As either a stand-alone device or part of a wireless home security system, a video doorbell gives a homeowner access to whoever is standing at the front door regardless of whether anyone is home or not. The person ringing the doorbell has no way of knowing if the house is actually unoccupied.

Burglars who have doubts are likely to move on to other targets. There is no need for them to risk a homeowner being home when there are so many unoccupied homes in virtually any neighborhood. For that reason alone, a smart video doorbell is a great prevention device.

If a burglar rings a doorbell and no one answers, he/she assumes the house is vacant. Should someone come to the door, the burglar poses as a salesperson and then goes on his/her way to the next home. A video doorbell gives homeowners the advantage because burglars never know whether someone truly is home or not. They can be as careful as possible and still be left clueless.

The Video Doorbell Is a Starting Point

Current rumors beg the question, “why the video doorbell?” Why would a homeowner install a smart video doorbell as a means of providing evidence should a burglary occur? Because the video doorbell is an integral part of a smart home alarm system that makes maximum use of strategically placed video cameras.

Annual crime statistics from the FBI routinely show that burglars will usually try the front door as the first point of entry. There are a number of reasons for this, which we will not go into here, but the fact remains that the front door is where every homeowner should start when designing a home security system.

The video doorbell is the optimal security tool to have if you’re hoping to furnish your local police with evidence that there is a burglary in process. The best video doorbells on the market have wide angle camera lenses that give a clear view of the perpetrator and his or her face. What’s more, your average burglar is likely to ring the doorbell prior to trying to make entry. When that happens, the homeowner can actually converse with the individual and simultaneously record video of the interaction.

Video Evidence to Reduce False Alarms

False alarms have always been an issue for police agencies responding to potential burglaries. With the rise of home alarm systems came a commensurate increase in the number of false alarms police responded to, just as we would expect. Furthermore, local police are known to encourage homeowners to install security systems in the knowledge that these are deterrents to crime.

What you have here is a self-perpetuating problem. Police encourage property owners to install alarms, but then those alarms generate more calls for police – some of which are false alarms. The goal is now to find a way to help homeowners get maximum use out of their smart home alarm systems while at the same time reducing the number of false alarms created. Video evidence is a step in that direction.

Video evidence can weed out a fair number of false alarms with very little effort. As such, installing a smart video doorbell could actually become the norm in the very near future.

Previous Examples of Success

The Issaquah Police Department did not come up with the idea of loaning video doorbells randomly. Rather, they looked at other instances where video doorbells helped to identify and apprehend package thieves. In some cases, the devices have actually deterred criminals from even attempting their planned thefts.

The key to using a video doorbell to prevent package theft or unauthorized entry is the burglar recognizing the device for what it is. That was a problem when video doorbells were first introduced, but now they are common enough that burglars easily recognize them.

Issaquah police officials told a local news channel back in December that package thieves are probably going to see a video doorbell and know what it is. In such a case, they are also likely to turn around and walk away. They do not need to be identified by video footage that clearly shows their faces as they step down to retrieve packages.

The Next Layer of Security

Our DIY wireless security cameras are a great addition to any wireless home security system. They offer an extra layer of security that makes it that much more difficult for criminals to do what they want to do. Here is a brief list of reasons explaining why you should consider adding a video doorbell if you do not yet have one:

  • Video doorbells give you a full view of your entryway without you having to open your door.
  • A person at your door has no idea if you are home or not, despite communicating with you.
  • Video footage recorded by your doorbell can be used to catch criminals.
  • A video doorbell can be used to keep your children safer when you are not home.
  • You can monitor your front door whether you are home or on the other side of the world.
  • The best video doorbells offer automatic recording and night vision capabilities.

It’s amazing that such a simple device can be so helpful in protecting homes against burglars and package thieves. We strongly encourage any of our customers with DIY wireless security systems to add a smart doorbell if they don’t already have one. If you are new to home security and looking to purchase your first package, we hope you’ll make a video doorbell part of that package. Uxari carries a full range of devices to create a system just for you.

Video Doorbells Change Police Responses

It turns out that the technology could have a broader use in relation to law enforcement. Rumors are circulating that suggest the video doorbell might change the way local police respond to residential burglar alarms.

Security Info Watch claimed in a January 31 (2017) editorial that a small number of local police agencies have begun prioritizing their responses to residential burglar alarms based on whether there is video evidence of a crime actually being committed. The idea behind the strategy is to crack down on the number of false alarms police have to respond to. By requiring video evidence of a crime, police are essentially telling homeowners they have to actually be able to prove there’s a problem before police will come.

To be clear, requiring video proof is not the standard mode of operation among law enforcement at the current time. But rumor has it that things are changing. If a minority of police agencies that now require video evidence show that their strategy is yielding positive results, it could be only a matter of time before law enforcement across the country adopt the strategy.

How the Video Doorbell Works

camera-doorbellThe video doorbell is a piece of technology combining a traditional wireless doorbell with a security camera that can be accessed via the internet. These doorbells are very easy to install with a minimal amount of time and just a few tools. Once installed, users can log on and set up their devices using a computer or mobile device.

When someone approaches the front door and rings the doorbell, the wireless device sends some kind of alert to the homeowner via smartphone. This can be a text, e-mail or push notification. The owner can then bring up the associated app complete with a video feed. The owner can also communicate with the person at the front door through the wireless internet connection between them.

How does this help? Because the homeowner can make it appear that he or she is home even if that is not the case. The person at the front door does not have the luxury of seeing a video feed; only the voice is heard over a built-in loudspeaker. A potential burglar has no way of knowing whether the voice he/she is hearing is just on the other side of the door or thousands of miles away.

The key to defeating burglars is to put a seed of doubt in their minds. If the amount of risk they face in burglarizing your home is enough to cause them concern, they will find another target. The video doorbell with a built-in security camera accomplishes this nicely.

skybell - doorbell camera

Browsing through our list of security devices reveals a new security product we are rather excited about: the smart doorbell from SkyBell. This little device is very simple in its principal design, yet very effective at enhancing home security by keeping potential burglars guessing. We are thrilled to be able to offer it to our customers.

For your reference, SkyBell is a Southern California company originally founded on a vision of enhancing the quality of life among American consumers through the design and manufacture of smart home equipment. The company was nominated in 2014 for the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award. That says something to us about the quality of their products.

With that out of the way, let us talk about the SkyBell Smart Doorbell. It has been created on the premise that keeping burglars guessing also keeps them at bay. If they don’t know whether you are truly home or not, they are less likely to attempt an intrusion.

How the SkyBell Works

The SkyBell smart doorbell is installed near your home’s entryway in the same way any other doorbell would be installed. Its secret weapon is the built-in wireless video motion camera and two-way speaker system. Once installed, the doorbell uses wi-fi signals to remain in contact with SkyBell’s central server via the wi-fi router in your home.

Any time someone rings your doorbell, the device will activate its built-in camera and send a notification to your registered mobile device. You will instantly be able to see who is at the door, and you will be able to communicate with that person in real time.

Bear in mind that you will be able to see your visitor but he or she will not be able to see you. Only your voice will be heard over the speaker system. You can deal with your visitor in any way you see fit, never letting on whether you are actually inside the home or not.

An Extra Video Surveillance Camera

An added benefit of a video doorbell is that it provides an extra video surveillance camera to keep an eye on things. Uxari carries one of the latest video doorbells with an impressive list of notable features:

• HD video
• Audio and video capabilities
• Live video monitoring
• Full-color night vision
• Free video recording
• On-board motion sensor capabilities.

As part of a wireless home security system, our video doorbell gives you more exterior coverage with an additional video camera that does not cost anything extra. To that extent, a video doorbell could possibly deter burglars from stealing packages off the porch if they recognize your doorbell for what it is. In other words, a thief who recognizes a video doorbell will know his or her activities could be recorded, thereby increasing his/her chances of being caught, prosecuted and convicted.

Dealing With Deliveries

Another benefit of the SkyBell smart doorbell is that it helps you deal with deliveries when you are not home. In many instances, packages are delivered to your front door during the day, and left unattended until you are able to get home and bring them inside. Package theft is a year-round problem, and spikes significantly during the holiday season.

If you are able to speak with the delivery person, even if you are not home, you will at least know that your package is being delivered. Secondly, you will be able to tell them to place the package in a discreet location instead of leaving it in plain view at your front door.

Easy and Fast Video Doorbell Installation

Uxari has chosen the SkyBell Smart doorbell for a number of reasons, including its ease of installation. You don’t have to be an experienced home renovator or professional construction worker to use this device. It installs quickly and easily with just a few basic hand tools.

If you already have an existing doorbell in place, the installation of the SkyBell should be very straightforward. This is because the device can, in all but a few cases, use the same power source, transformer, and chime your current doorbell uses. Just remove the old switch, connect the color-coded wiring to your SkyBell, and attach it to the wall with the included screws. It only takes minutes. By the way, SkyBell offers complete, illustrated installation instructions on their website if you are unsure of what to do.

We are also very excited about the extra features this doorbell offers. SkyBell is the only smart doorbell with a motion sensor and night vision capability. The latter can be crucial in preventing potential home invasion burglaries during the overnight hours.

Uxari is thrilled to be able to offer our customers high-quality home security and automation equipment along with affordable payment plans. We invite you to look through our entire inventory of devices to build a custom-made system that uniquely suits your needs and circumstances. And, of course, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the SkyBell. We want to help you make your home as efficient and secure as possible through cutting-edge home security and automation.


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